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List of Indian Languages by Total Speakers

Did you ever wonder what is the number of people speaking an Indian language? Here is the link that gives the number:

A short list is provided below.

Language Number of speakers
(in millions)
Hindi 337
Bengali 112
Tamil 68[citation needed]
Marathi 62.5
Telugu 100
Urdu 55
Kannada 37
Malayalam 36
Gujarati 34
Oriya 22
Punjabi 21

Also check out the official languags of India:

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Convert Hindi Wikipedia into English or other languages

For those who understand Hindi but cannot read it, here is how to read the hindi content into your language.

E.g. to read Hindi News site in your langauge click here:

Other way is to use ‘Xliteration’ tool on site as follows:

Go to:

Go to :

Enter site:

Select Language

Click GO

The content under the [X-Literation] tab will be in your selected language. Now you can do this for any site written in Indian language using Unicode.

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Features added on – Jan/2007

Following features were added in Jan-2007

* Tamil – Tamil language keyboard is available to search in Tamil.

* Transliteration – now the tool X-Literate is available to transliterate in Indian languages and English

* Goli Maro Search – This will ignore the Hrsva and Dirgha while searching on the Internet. This helps especially in Indian languages where Himalay or Heemalay both can be correct spellings.

* Distribution of Keyboard – Now, the keyboard can be used in your site too. Look at previous post to get information how.

* Tips – At the top displays language specific tips. The tips are added to the database and they get displayed at the top. Currently web-interface to add tips is not available.

* Download Fonts – link is added at the top that displays download information for all language’s fonts.

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How to use X-Literate tool?

Click on [X-Literate] link listed at the bottom under Tools.

A separate page will open up. Enter the Site starting with http://.  E.g.

Select the target Language  from the drop down.

Click Go.

The site will be opened up in two tabs available on the page. Original will display the original content and X-Literation tab will display the X-Literated content.

Click on  X-Literation tab to see the transliterated content.

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Transliteration – Viewing one language content in different scripts

 Transliteration is a viewing a content written in particular script in another language. The best example is Sanskrit Text. Following is Transliteration in English for a Sanskrit Verse:

Vakratunda Mahakay Surya Koti Samprabh:

Above content is in Sanskrit but written in English.  Similarly it can be written in Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil etc. has a tool “X-Literate” that trans literates content from one language to another.

– The Content should be in Unicode

– The Content should be one of these Indian Language – Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam

– The transliteration can be done to one of the above indian language or English.

People who understand a language but cannot read it can use this tool to transliterate the content into the languge he can read (English or any other).

It also helps transliterating Sanskrit text in various other languages which is commonly done throughout India. E.g. Gita can be made available in all languages if it is available in Unicode in any one Language.

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Use Indian Language Unicode Keyboard in your site has made the Keyboard available for everyone to use. There are two ways you can include the keyboard in your site.

1) Using Keyboard through inline Frame

width=600 height=500
frameborder=0 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0

You can have other HTML stuff around this IFRAME. Above will display the typing area and online keyboard. User can type and then Copy and Paste it to their desired location.  If you have other requirements, please drop a mail –

2) Using Keyboard through Pop-up window

 <input type=button value=’Hindi Typepad’ onclick=’“;, “”, “height=500,width=750,status=no,toolbar=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=yes,titlebar=no”);’>

Above will open up the Typepad in a pop-up window.

In both the above case, you can adjust the height, width, rows, cols and lang attributes. Following languages are supported:

hi – Hindi

gu – Gujarati

pa – Punjabi

bn – Bengali

tm – Tamil

te – Telugu

kn – Kannada

ml  – Malayalam

For any questions you can email at

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vedic and puranic sanskrit literature on net in unicode

Here is a great effort by some to encode much of our Sanskrit literature in Unicode.
I found this through – while searching for वेदसारशिवस्तोत्रम. I found the वेदसारशिवस्तोत्रम. on wiki but I also found this site where there were lot of sanskrit literature including Gita, Vedas, Ramayan, Upnishad and all you can think of.

Please surely visit the sanskrit site and send you appreciation to them for bringing our vedic literature so closure to us.

Best thing was to search occurrences of ‘मानव’ or ‘मन’ in Gita. Open up gita page

And then search in browser for words you like and you can find out what chapter contains those words in Gita.

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Unicode Fonts for Indian Languages

Yes! I need to put link to Unicode Fonts on the Bhomiyo home page so that you can download it. But until then please download it as mentioned below.
If you do not have Unicode Fonts installed, you will see ??? instead of characters in your chosen language . There are various Unicode fonts developed by many developers on the net.

Arial Unicode MS – is the one developed by Microsoft and provided with MS Office 2003 onwards. This contains all the language fonts.

What language you are looking for may be I can direct you to some fonts. Following are some font names.

Latha – Tamil
Mangal (Devanagari)
Raavi (Gurmukhi and Devanagari)
Shruti (Gujarati and Devanagari)
Tunga (Kannada and Devanagari)

Visit this link to download some fonts:

let me know if there are any other issues.

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Funny Searches on

Its funny what people search – of course Bhomiyo does not store your identity so don’t you worry! But here are some funny examples

“Laxmi Mittal Daughter Marriage Details”

“મારે છોકરી જોઇએ છે”

“પિયા હાજિ અલિ”

Well there may be more but big list to look at.

However, some people are having trouble typing some letters. For them,

Please use “A” to type અ

Use forward slash / to type 1/2 r. For example in Pratibhas you need p/rtiwas.

Thanks for using Bhomiyo.

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Finding Sanskrit Stotra on Bhomiyo

Yesterday I wanted to find (Mahamrityunjay) महामृत्युंजय verse on Internet. Bhomiyo helped out easily – Here is the link to search it.
Find maha mrityunjay on

Advantage was MSN link for the same was expired, but Yahoo link was current. So without searching again I could see Yahoo results.

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