About Bhomiyo

This is a Blog about http://Bhomiyo.com – a site to provide computational and internet resources in Indian Languages – to publish new features and receive users feedback.

Bhomiyo.com site provides following features.

These features are described more in detail in the posts on this blog. If you still have comments or questions please post it here or email it to INFO at BHOMIYO dot COM.



  1. please tell me in detail

  2. This is a very good site. Thanks a lot for the effort. I am working on writing devotional literature in Sankskrit, and Telugu. Currently I am using Indolipi, which is doing a good purpose, but it is compatible only with windows 2003 and Up. Your tool surpasses these limitations. I plan to use this also.

    Thanks once again !
    -Aparna Hari

  3. Hello,

    My name is Paul and i own the blog directory blogoozle.com. I’m curious to know exactly
    what bhomiyo.com is? I have found this listing in my serp results
    bhomiyo.com/gu.xliterate/www.blogoozle.com along with this listing
    http://bhomiyo.com/gu.xliterate/www.blogoozle.com/submit.php .

    I could be wrong but it looks like you have cloned my site.

    I have tried to email you but the address you have listed on this page doesnt seem to work.

  4. pleas give me urdu into hindi converter

  5. convater
    Hindi To Other languas

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  7. please send me its meaning in hindi

    ی میری زندگی کی اولین نعت ی نعت می ن حضور
    ک واقع معرج ک سلسل می لکی اس می ، می حضور کی تعریف کرت

    و اور ان کی عظمت بیان کرتا و اور ساتی اس دنیا کی
    ب سباتی بی ک کیای سمجدار لوگ ی جو اس دنیا
    کو ایک قید خان س ب کر امیت ی دیت یی لوگ صح
    یح مانو می روز قیامت ک دن کامیاب و گ یعنی بادشا و
    گ الل ن اس دنیا کو ورث می فانی زمان دی
    ی جو آت اور چل جات ی اسی طرح ایک دن زمین بی ختم و جا
    گی بیان کرتا و اور

  8. please help me

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  10. i like bhomiya

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