English to Hindi or Other Indian language transliteration


English to Indian language transliteration is now available on Currently it is available as online typing or online conversion only. Website transliteration is not being made available yet. On Bhomiyo page, you will see a tool “Xliterate Text” at the bottom. Click on it or go to this url:

Conceptually this has been done by many others so this is not really new. But since users were asking that there should be such a tool made available on Bhomiyo, its being added. It has following features:

* Type in phonetic English and it will convert it into the language of your selection.  The conversion occurs when space-bar, arrow keys or such control keys are pressed.

* Copy your Unicode content and paste it into Left side text box, click “>” button and the target transliteration will be stored in the right side text box.

* Click on “How?” link on the page to get help on typing. If you have been typing using other tools then this is not really different.

If you use it and have any feedback, please post it here so I get chance to correct this.