Posted by: prastut | जून 13, 2007

Proxy URL for Urdu to Hindi Transliteration

Now, there is Proxy URL available for Urdu-to-Hindi transliteration. You can publish any Unicode encoded Urdu site in Hindi.

To view BBC/urdu in Hindi:
Or Jang Urdu:

Or Urdu Blogs:

The advantages are

  • You get wider viewership as all the Hindi readers can now read your site.
  • Search Engines will index your site in Hindi too. Bhomiyo transliterated sites appear in Google Results and every day there are many users visiting such sites.
  • Hindi News Columnist or Journalists can read Urdu news papers and get different perspectives.
  • May be some day – India and Pakistan both realize that we are saying “same” thing just it appears different…

The urdu transliteration does have its shortcomings – not all words are being transliterated properly. But you can help improving it by correcting the online wordlist. Your changes to the wordlist will affet the transliteration after an hour.

And STILL, the Unicode URLS are not working..

Post your comments here if any…



  1. Dear Sir,

    I found it very interesting and good. How can I translate my Blog into other languages?

  2. Piyush ji
    Thanks for the comments on my post.
    There was neither email id in your comment nor on your blog so I am answering it here. You don’t have to publish this comment. My email id is here. It is not right side of my blog also. We can talk by as this is cumbersome method of communicating.
    Ravi ji had also informed me about the same but I have not done it purposely. There is reason for this.
    On my blog, majority of the pages are seen by the people, who come there through search engine or other links. They generally come to the earlier posts and not to the latest one. The link suggested by you takes them to the blog with its latest entry. They may not be interested in reading it. It is for this reason I have not provided the method suggested by you.
    I will be obliged if you can suggest a way of reading any particular post in other script?

  3. कृपया बतायें कि हिंदी या पंजाबी चिट्ठों को उर्दू पढ़ने वाले कैसे पढ़ सकते हैं?

  4. Thanx for your great transliteration tool .. People can now read my punjabi blog in hindi/gujrati..
    I am very excited about Urdu to Hindi translation , is there any way to transliterate my punjabi/hindi blog to urdu script..
    I want to contribute to this tool on punjabi/hindi blog to urdu can you tell me how i can..

  5. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  6. ki hal hai

  7. manpreet singh: ی میری زندگی کی اولین نعت ی نعت می ن حضور ک واقع معرج ک سلسل می لکی اس می ، می حضور کی تعریف کرت
    و اور ان کی عظمت بیان کرتا و اور ساتی اس دنیا کی ب سباتی بی ک کیای سمجدار لوگ ی جو اس دنیا کو ایک قید خان س ب کر امیت ی دیت یی لوگ صحیح مانو می روز قیامت ک دن کامیاب و گ یعنی بادشا و گ الل ن اس دنیا کو ورث می فانی زمان دی ی جو آت اور چل جات ی اسی طرح ایک دن زمین بی ختم و جا گی
    jao likh diya aapke liye testimonial ,mazzey kero ab..!! aap bhi kya yaad rakhoge kisi ney aapke liye shayari likhi thi..!!!

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