Help Improve Urdu-Hindi Translation


Now, you can help improve Urdu-Hindi Translation done by

Since 1st of Jun, people tried out Urdu-to-Hindi trasnliteration for around 142 times. Since by manipulating the characters only, the transliteration is not accurate, an online list of Urdu-to-Hindi word map is put up that people can help improving.

Go to: You will see following screen:

You can type in Hindi (either with your IME or with bhomiyo keyboard by checking on the box at top) – the correct word under “Correct Hindi” column. If you have any comments, you can put comment too.

And then mark “DONE” box. Marking the DONE box will SAVE your changes.

Marking “DELETE” checkbox will delete the word from list – this will happen when you click on Next Page or refresh the page.

If you have comments, please let us know.

Try out Bhomiyo’s UrduToHindi Transliteration – you will see that it has improved now…