Posted by: prastut | जून 7, 2007

Transliteration Site Statistics

The ‘statistics’  link on the Bhomiyo’s footer links is now made available to display the Transliteration site statistics. It’s not looking pretty like GOogle Analytics but its showing the correct result.

It has four items:

1) Site Visit Count

2) Transliteration Request for Language Count

3)  Url Referrer Count

4) Last 10 IP Addresses who visited

You can Enter your site address to check how many times your site was accessed by users through Bhomiyo transliteration.  The count also includes the Search Engine requests and that’s why some numbers may seem too high.

If you don’t find your site, try entering with or without ‘www’ at the beginning. And do not add Path. Bhomiyo only stores the domain name for statistics.

Following is an example of total site visits as of 6/5 and 6/6.

Site Count 1677 663 644 415 279 270



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