Urdu to Hindi or English Transliteration


Since Urdu and Hindi are grammatically same language and they also share a very good number of words, its easier for both speakers to understand each others’ language. The only obstacle is the script. Pakistan chose Arabic script instead of Devnagari for Urdu. And the script does not transliterate well into Hindi or probably roman too.

Here is a modest try to convert Urdu text into Hindi. It’s no where closer to being perfect but may be this is first step.

Go to:
Enter an Urdu site:
Select “Urdu to Hind” in the Language drop down. And click GO.

If you know Urdu letters and somewhat Hindi you can help me out developing a transliteration logic. OR you can give me a map of URDU letters to ENGLISH letters and I can do the rest.

If you have any comments regarding the topic, please post it here to have everything at one place.

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