Proxy Site to Transliterate your blog


Bhomiyo announces a Beta version of Proxy site to transliterate your site in another language. This is useful to publish your site in another languages. In your site, you can publish a link to see your site in another language.

E.g. your site address is:

And you want to publish a link to let your users see your site in Romanized Hindi. You can use following link:

The “en” in above url means it is to be viewed in English. For other languages, you can use following:

For Hindi – hi:

For Gujarati – gu:

For Bengali – bn:

For Punjabi – pa:

For Telugu – te:

For Tamil – tm:

For Kannada – kn:

For Malayalam – ml:

For Oriya – or:

For Sinhali – sn:

You can also use Transliterate tool as described in following blogs:

Please provide your feedback.

Note: Currently Unicode URLs are not being supported