Posted by: prastut | जनवरी 10, 2007

Transliteration – Viewing one language content in different scripts

 Transliteration is a viewing a content written in particular script in another language. The best example is Sanskrit Text. Following is Transliteration in English for a Sanskrit Verse:

Vakratunda Mahakay Surya Koti Samprabh:

Above content is in Sanskrit but written in English.  Similarly it can be written in Gujarati, Punjabi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil etc. has a tool “X-Literate” that trans literates content from one language to another.

– The Content should be in Unicode

– The Content should be one of these Indian Language – Sanskrit, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam

– The transliteration can be done to one of the above indian language or English.

People who understand a language but cannot read it can use this tool to transliterate the content into the languge he can read (English or any other).

It also helps transliterating Sanskrit text in various other languages which is commonly done throughout India. E.g. Gita can be made available in all languages if it is available in Unicode in any one Language.



  1. Very Good online tool. Is this can be made available offline? Ealier two such tools available online and offline both at

    But the transliterated output text is not correct always due to changed Unicode encoding sequence of some new characters. For example :
    Oriya word ସ୍ବାତୀ ଅଶ୍ବ converts wrongly in Hindi as स्बाती अश्ब, whereas this should be rightly as स्वाती अश्व. Lot of exception-rules needed to be set in the transliteration program.

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