Posted by: prastut | जनवरी 10, 2007

Features added on – Jan/2007

Following features were added in Jan-2007

* Tamil – Tamil language keyboard is available to search in Tamil.

* Transliteration – now the tool X-Literate is available to transliterate in Indian languages and English

* Goli Maro Search – This will ignore the Hrsva and Dirgha while searching on the Internet. This helps especially in Indian languages where Himalay or Heemalay both can be correct spellings.

* Distribution of Keyboard – Now, the keyboard can be used in your site too. Look at previous post to get information how.

* Tips – At the top displays language specific tips. The tips are added to the database and they get displayed at the top. Currently web-interface to add tips is not available.

* Download Fonts – link is added at the top that displays download information for all language’s fonts.


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