Unicode Fonts for Indian Languages


Yes! I need to put link to Unicode Fonts on the Bhomiyo home page so that you can download it. But until then please download it as mentioned below.
If you do not have Unicode Fonts installed, you will see ??? instead of characters in your chosen language . There are various Unicode fonts developed by many developers on the net.

Arial Unicode MS – is the one developed by Microsoft and provided with MS Office 2003 onwards. This contains all the language fonts.

What language you are looking for may be I can direct you to some fonts. Following are some font names.

Latha – Tamil
Mangal (Devanagari)
Raavi (Gurmukhi and Devanagari)
Shruti (Gujarati and Devanagari)
Tunga (Kannada and Devanagari)

Visit this link to download some fonts:

let me know if there are any other issues.