Bhomiyo – Search In Hindi


You can type in Hindi using your regular keyboard. Most of the English keys are mapped to relevant characters in Hindi. E.g.

k – क

g – ग

m – म

Characters that can not have specific key in English keyboard are mapped as below:

w – भ, q – ख, 1 – घ, 2 – ठ, 3 – ढ, 4- थ, 5- ध, 6- छ, 7- श, 8- ष, x – क्ष

To write भारत, you have to type ‘wart’.

For some characters, you have to either click on the displayed keyboard or you have to know how the unicode characters can be combined to generate other characters. For example, ज्ञ is already available in keyboard, but, द्व has to be typed as d\v.

Typing \ makes the previous character 1/2. For many characters you can type them in Capital to type 1/2 character. E.g. K, M.

If you have any typing difficulties, please let us know and continue using Bhomiyo to search in Hindi .