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iTRANS typing now available on Bhomiyo.

Now, you can type in iTRANS format and convert it into Hindi (or Gujarati). Other languages are to be tested yet.

Please check out:

And select “iTRANS” scheme in the left side panel. Type or copy/paste in iTRANS format and your output will display in right side panel.

Few items from iTRANS are left as such – tilda (~) and candra o (.c) signs.

Let me know if you think something should be corrected here.

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English to Hindi or Other Indian language transliteration

English to Indian language transliteration is now available on Currently it is available as online typing or online conversion only. Website transliteration is not being made available yet. On Bhomiyo page, you will see a tool “Xliterate Text” at the bottom. Click on it or go to this url:

Conceptually this has been done by many others so this is not really new. But since users were asking that there should be such a tool made available on Bhomiyo, its being added. It has following features:

* Type in phonetic English and it will convert it into the language of your selection.  The conversion occurs when space-bar, arrow keys or such control keys are pressed.

* Copy your Unicode content and paste it into Left side text box, click “>” button and the target transliteration will be stored in the right side text box.

* Click on “How?” link on the page to get help on typing. If you have been typing using other tools then this is not really different.

If you use it and have any feedback, please post it here so I get chance to correct this.

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Open the same post when clicked on Transliteration link.

Currently, when you click on a Transliteration link, it opens up the main blog link. I heard from one of the user that he wants to open the same post (that currently user is reading) when clicked on Transliteration link.

This is possible using a small Javascript. Here is how you do it using BlogSpot.

1) Click on Template -> Page Elements in your blogger menu. You will see following type of screen.


You should have one Page Element for Transliteration Links. Click to Edit the Element.


Enter the following Code in the Edit Window and Save Changes. And test the code. Site [] is used here as example, but you can use your site address.

<script language="javascript">
function xliterate(obj)
var href = obj.href;
var ndx = href.indexOf(".xliterate");
if (ndx > 0)
href = href.substr(0, ndx + 11);
var host = location.hostname;
var path = location.pathname;
ndx = location.pathname.indexOf(".xliterate");
if (ndx > 0)
host = ''
path = location.pathname.substr(ndx+11);
var url = href + host + path;
//alert(url);, "bhomiyo");
return false;

<a href="; onclick="xliterate(this);return false;">Roman Hindi</a>

<a onclick="xliterate(this);return false;" href="">Gujarati</a&gt;

When you copy above code and paste it in your editor, make sure that all the html tags are intact and in correct syntax. You can copy and paste it to NOTEPAD first and then copy from NOTEPAD and paste it into other editor to avoid any errors. Specially there is issue with the quotes when WordPress renders it. So, be careful for quotes.

If you can’t get it working – send me an email (INFO at BHOMIYO dot COM) and I will send you this code file as attachment.

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Proxy URL for Urdu to Hindi Transliteration

Now, there is Proxy URL available for Urdu-to-Hindi transliteration. You can publish any Unicode encoded Urdu site in Hindi.

To view BBC/urdu in Hindi:
Or Jang Urdu:

Or Urdu Blogs:

The advantages are

  • You get wider viewership as all the Hindi readers can now read your site.
  • Search Engines will index your site in Hindi too. Bhomiyo transliterated sites appear in Google Results and every day there are many users visiting such sites.
  • Hindi News Columnist or Journalists can read Urdu news papers and get different perspectives.
  • May be some day – India and Pakistan both realize that we are saying “same” thing just it appears different…

The urdu transliteration does have its shortcomings – not all words are being transliterated properly. But you can help improving it by correcting the online wordlist. Your changes to the wordlist will affet the transliteration after an hour.

And STILL, the Unicode URLS are not working..

Post your comments here if any…

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Help Improve Urdu-Hindi Translation

Now, you can help improve Urdu-Hindi Translation done by

Since 1st of Jun, people tried out Urdu-to-Hindi trasnliteration for around 142 times. Since by manipulating the characters only, the transliteration is not accurate, an online list of Urdu-to-Hindi word map is put up that people can help improving.

Go to: You will see following screen:

Help Improve urdu-hindi translation

You can type in Hindi (either with your IME or with bhomiyo keyboard by checking on the box at top) – the correct word under “Correct Hindi” column. If you have any comments, you can put comment too.

And then mark “DONE” box. Marking the DONE box will SAVE your changes.

Marking “DELETE” checkbox will delete the word from list – this will happen when you click on Next Page or refresh the page.

If you have comments, please let us know.

Try out Bhomiyo’s UrduToHindi Transliteration – you will see that it has improved now…

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Transliteration Site Statistics

The ‘statistics’  link on the Bhomiyo’s footer links is now made available to display the Transliteration site statistics. It’s not looking pretty like GOogle Analytics but its showing the correct result.

It has four items:

1) Site Visit Count

2) Transliteration Request for Language Count

3)  Url Referrer Count

4) Last 10 IP Addresses who visited

You can Enter your site address to check how many times your site was accessed by users through Bhomiyo transliteration.  The count also includes the Search Engine requests and that’s why some numbers may seem too high.

If you don’t find your site, try entering with or without ‘www’ at the beginning. And do not add Path. Bhomiyo only stores the domain name for statistics.

Following is an example of total site visits as of 6/5 and 6/6.

Site Count 1677 663 644 415 279 270

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Urdu to Hindi or English Transliteration

Since Urdu and Hindi are grammatically same language and they also share a very good number of words, its easier for both speakers to understand each others’ language. The only obstacle is the script. Pakistan chose Arabic script instead of Devnagari for Urdu. And the script does not transliterate well into Hindi or probably roman too.

Here is a modest try to convert Urdu text into Hindi. It’s no where closer to being perfect but may be this is first step.

Go to:
Enter an Urdu site:
Select “Urdu to Hind” in the Language drop down. And click GO.

If you know Urdu letters and somewhat Hindi you can help me out developing a transliteration logic. OR you can give me a map of URDU letters to ENGLISH letters and I can do the rest.

If you have any comments regarding the topic, please post it here to have everything at one place.

You can read following blog where there are few more comments on the topic:

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Posts about on other blogs

When the site was started, its goal was to provide searching capability in Indian languages. And it still is allowing the capability. But what people liked was the Transliteration. Transliteration had been there for a while but it did not get real attention until Ravi Ratlami published a post on it. He provided a very good suggestion to make a proxy site and with grace of God that is achieved too.

Currently the feature is used by Hindi bloggers. There are many people in South India who understand each other’s language very well. Specially many in South India understand Tamil like Hindi in Northern part. If this feature gets famous among TTKM (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam) bloggers, there would be many more people reading their blog in Indian languages.

There are few bloggers who have posted information about Bhomiyo on their site and here is the list. If you write a post on your blog about Bhomiyo, please inform to maintain a list here:

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Sites using Proxy Transliteration

Following sites have been found currently using’s Proxy Transliteration. If you are using it, please inform so a list can be maintained.



Hindi Domains

Hindi Blogs

Urdu Sites – Urdu to Hindi only

Gujarati Sites

Telugu Sites

Tamil Sites

Kannada Sites

Oriya Sites

Punjabi Sites

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Proxy Site to Transliterate your blog

Bhomiyo announces a Beta version of Proxy site to transliterate your site in another language. This is useful to publish your site in another languages. In your site, you can publish a link to see your site in another language.

E.g. your site address is:

And you want to publish a link to let your users see your site in Romanized Hindi. You can use following link:

The “en” in above url means it is to be viewed in English. For other languages, you can use following:

For Hindi – hi:

For Gujarati – gu:

For Bengali – bn:

For Punjabi – pa:

For Telugu – te:

For Tamil – tm:

For Kannada – kn:

For Malayalam – ml:

For Oriya – or:

For Sinhali – sn:

You can also use Transliterate tool as described in following blogs:

Please provide your feedback.

Note: Currently Unicode URLs are not being supported

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